What the Patients Say

"Sylvia is a wonderful obstetrician. So wonderful I have booked her in for my second pregnancy. She is supportive, caring and attentive to your needs. I felt very safe with her helping me through labour."

"What a relief it was for us to find Dr.Rosevear and experience her high standard of care through both of our pregnancies. We found her to be straightforward, helpful, thorough, compassionate and highly skilled. Despite pregnancy complications, we felt secure in the knowledge that we were with the best obstetrician. Dr. Rosevear was proactive and effectively managed my health antenatally, during both fantastic deliveries and beyond. Dr.Rosevear is a gem."

"Induction + Epidural rocks, labour was so easy got pregnant again within 2 months. 5 hours of reading books and then asked to push. 5 pushes and our beautiful little girl was born, no stress on her or her mum. Highly recommended, and I am doing it the same way in March 2009."

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