Obstetric Care

Why Choose Me As Your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC)

It is all about preference and having the choice. If you prefer to make expert medical care your priority during pregnancy and childbirth, choosing a specialist Obstetrician is an excellent choice. I am highly qualified and experienced in obstetrics. Since my return from the UK in 1993, which included an interest in fetal medicine I have had my own private practice in Auckland. I offer patients a personal service where continuity of care means I will be there to deliver your baby. For only 3 % of my patients, extenuating circumstances make this not possible.

What is my approach to Obstetric Care?

I offer modern, proactive Obstetrics to give the best-case-scenario, normal vaginal delivery, provided everything is favourable. It is founded on the principle of prevention and it is assumed what women really want is a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Outcomes in obstetrics can often be unpredictable. Having me as an obstetrician means you have immediate access to care if there are problems in the pregnancy or delivery deviates from normal. My style is to be efficient, to have patients in labour, with minimal pain if desired, for the shortest possible time and with the best chance of avoiding caesarean section. If such is required it can be handled in a timely fashion with expert care. I aim for excellent outcomes. My guiding principles are to prevent complications and plan for a healthy mother, a healthy baby and a satisfying experience for all. For a more detailed analysis of possible scenarios, see the Obstetric Statistics section.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

If you choose me for your LMC you will be seen in the first trimester of your pregnancy at around 10 weeks. Normal investigations include a Nuchal Thickness scan at 12-13 weeks. Some radiology groups charge a small fee and others offer the service at no charge. Illumi or Harmony prenatal testing is also available for $595 - $695. Arrangements will be made for other scans, blood tests or other procedures and we will also book you in for further visits. These usually occur monthly until 30 weeks, fortnightly until 36 weeks and weekly until delivery. Depending on your condition you may need to be monitored more frequently.

My patients are delivered at the Labour and Birthing Unit, National Women's Health, Auckland City Hospital. I usually use the hospital midwife to assist with deliveries (there is no additional charge). An independent midwife is available for an additional charge. Following a normal delivery without complications, the hospital requires you to transfer to Birthcare in Parnell. You may book there as a private patient.

If your baby requires admission to NICU, please be aware that if you live outside the National Women's geographical area, you and your baby will be transferred back to your local hospital with NICU facilities, i.e. Middlemore Hospital or North Shore Hospital.

You will stay at National Women's for your postnatal stay if there is a clinical reason for either you, or your baby or both which prevents transfer within the times below. Women will stay at National Women's if clinically they cannot be transferred to Birthcare before:

  1. 34 hours for caesarean section
  2. 30-34 hours for operative vaginal birth
  3. 24 hours for normal vaginal birth

After your baby is born I will see you at the hospital or at Birthcare and you will have a final follow-up visit with me. In addition, you will be visited at home by an experienced postnatal midwife 4-5 times. She will assist you with issues relating to your newborn baby, feeding, settling etc.

Obstetric Fees

Our total obstetric fee is $5,925. We charge $275 at your first consultation with a further invoice of $2,825 issued at 20 weeks. After delivery the final invoice is sent with payment due on or before the postnatal visit.

Possible Additional Costs:

There is no additional cost if the hospital services are accessed – for epidurals and paediatricians.

Experience as an Obstetrician

I am a highly experienced practising Obstetrician who graduated from Auckland University School of Medicine in 1980. I qualified in obstetrics in 1986 and have practiced in Private Practice since returning to New Zealand in 1993. Prior to that I had nearly 10 years experience in the United Kingdom in the specialised areas of Fetal Medicine at King’s College Hospital in London and at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford where I completed an MD on the fetal heart rate in Labour – an attempt to identify the features of the fetal heart rate record that indicate the baby is distressed. I am an independent reviewer for ACC and Coronial cases.  Interests include completing a BA in English and a post graduate diploma in Sports & Exercise Medicine.

I am the author of two books ‘Handbook of Obstetric Management’ (1998 - Amazon Link) and ‘Handbook of Gynaecology Management’ (2002 - Amazon Link), both published by Blackwell Science.

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