Gynaecological Care

Patients for Gynaecology appointments are normally referred from their General Practitioner. Appointments are generally available within 10 days and there are always urgent appointments available.

Gynaecological surgery is done at Mercy Ascot Hospital, 90 Greenlane Road East, Auckland. Minor cases are done on the second floor at the Columba Clinic, usually on a Friday afternoon. Routine major cases are done on a Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning and at other times as arranged.

Patients having a general anaesthetic after a minor procedure are advised not to drive for at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours. Patients having a major procedure ought not to drive for two weeks. Patients may need 2-4 days off for minor procedures and one month for major procedures.

The risks of gynaecological surgery are very small but do include infection, haemorrhage, damage to bladder, bowel and ureters and thromboembolic phenomena.

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