Dr Sylvia K Rosevear

15 Gilgit Road, Epsom, Auckland

Phone 09 623 7509
Fax 09 638 7402

You can also email the office at for a non-urgent response.

Labour and Birthing Unit - National Womens

The Labour and Birthing Unit telephone number is 09 307 2888. Ring them when you are in labour.

Women's Assessment Unit (WAU) – 9th floor National Women's Hospital

In an emergency, the telephone number of Women’s Assessment Unit is 09 631 0784. You may go to Women’s Assessment Unit at any time if there is an emergency i.e. an accident, bleeding, rupture of membranes or onset of labour, prior to term. They will then get hold of me.

Otherwise, if you are going into normal labour, phone the Labour and Birthing Unit on 09 307 2888. Ring them when you are either contracting and want some reassurance or want to know when to go into hospital. Ideally, you go into the Labour and Birthing Unit when your contractions are 5 minutes or less apart, lasting 40 seconds and are painful.

The office phone has my contact details for urgent obstetric calls out of hours.

Locum Cover

Obstetricians need time off, annual leave or conference leave. There will be periods of time off when specialist cover is needed.

If I am away for an extended period, every attempt will be made to introduce you to the covering specialist should it be likely that you may deliver. I generally take leave so that it does not coincide with due dates of booked patients. However, delivery time is unpredictable. Specialist obstetric care is guaranteed in the event of me not being able to be present.

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